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Currently the BTR runs a select and diverse herd of broodmares, and stands one stallion.  The offspring produced are trained for ranching and competition until sold or returned back into the broodmare band.  Our goal is to capture the legacy bloodlines and evolve the Birdtail herd with high quality stallions from across the country. The modern BTR horse will carry stronger performance lineages yet maintain eye-catching confirmation, a smart and willing disposition.  They will have a natural athletic ability to stand out in the roping pen, around barrels, over jumps, or even just moving cattle between pastures.

Matt Rains

Matt grew up on the Birdtail Ranch. He graduated from West Point and served in the military as a UH-60 helicopter pilot. He left the military at the rank of Captain and served overseas in Iraq and South Korea. After the military, Matt traveled over 60 countries as a photographer focusing on humanitarian projects in 3rd world countries. He started his photography agency Lux Capio Photography while doing projects in Kenya, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Kurdistan-Iraq, and Rwanda. More recently, he worked as an programs engineer in the energy sector inspecting power plants. During this time, he earned is MBA from Washington University - St. Louis. Matt returned to the Birdtail Ranch in 2018 with Whitney and dedicated themselves to rebuilding the legendary Birdtail Ranch horses. Matt currently is chief of staff for Montana Farmers Union.

Whitney Graham

Whitney grew up a typical “horse crazy” girl, loving all things horses for as long as she can remember.  While she loves a long mountain ride in a western saddle, Whitney has spent much of her disciplined riding in her english saddles. She has had the opportunity to ride under several professional dressage and jumping instructors and has competed in dressage, hunter/jumpers and eventing.  Whitney is able to work remotely from the ranch as a Sr. HSE Sr. Director for a large global real-estate and property management company, allowing her flexibility to help with the care and management of the Birdtail Ranch horses.

Traver Rains

Traver spent several years under the guidance of various professional horse trainers.  He competed with BTR horses in every event from Horsemanship to reining to English pleasure and jumping.  He was also an integral part of the day to day BTR breeding operation.  Traver went on to build a high fashion brand, called Heatherette, where he dressed pretty much every pop-star and super model from the 2000’s.  His fashion shows were the highlight of NYC fasion week for almost a decade.  After leaving New York for LA, Traver started two other fashion companies and opened a night club in Hawaii.  Recently, he has returned back to his cowboy roots and is excited to re-ignite the BTR legacy of outstandingly competetive Quarter Horses!

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